Resolution 95-1: Carpeting Requirements

Effective: June 21, 1995.

Resolution 95-1 states that unit owners must install or maintain carpet over at least 80% of floor area (except kitchen, closet, and bathroom areas), except for owners of ground-level units.

Open or Download Resolution 95-1. [.pdf, 33.26K]

Lease Agreement

Landlords must file a copy of their lease agreement with the Association office. The lease must include the following addendum:

"Lessee hereby acknowledges that he has read and understands the Fairfax Heritage X (TallTree South) Amended Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Board Resolutions. Lessee agrees to abide by above documents and other rules regulations, and resolutions promulgated by the TallTree South Association or Board of Directors. Failure to abide will constitute a breach of this lease and will be cause for eviction."

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