Resolution 92-1: Rules Prohibiting the Provision of Daycare Services

Effective in 1992.

Resolution 92-1 prohibits provision of daycare services by unit owners or their tenants. Daycare includes babysitting services provided to more than two children at a time for profit.

Open or Download Resolution 92-1. [.pdf, 68.18K]

Satellite Dishes and Antennas

Prior to installation of any antenna or satellite dish, unit owners must submit a written application to the Board of Directors. A form is available from the on-site office. The Board of Directors will review the application within 45 days and will provide a written answer to the unit owner. In most cases, the Board will provide the answer within 7 days. If the unit owner installs the dish or antenna without permission, he or she bears all risk and may be required to remove the antenna.

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